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It’s Not Working Out With Bruce

Brenda felt terrible. She didn’t know which was worse. Being dumped or dumping. The doorbell rang. She opened it and there was Bruce holding a huge bouquet of yellow tulips. He’d remembered. They were her favorite flowers and they weren’t … Continue reading

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Excerpt From Havana Blues

I hated Havana. I hated the heavy gasoline fumes and the hot July heat that would slap me in the face like a jealous lover.  I hated the stench of garbage that leaked through my skin and settled in my … Continue reading

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In Praise of Messiness

I used to want to be a neat freak. This is not to be confused with OCD. Neat freaks do not repetitively and obsessively clean things but they like to have every limb of their life tidy and in order. … Continue reading

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Writer: A Profession Like No Other

Brenda had just completed all the revisions on her novel.  She’d been working steadily on it for three and a half years and now it was finished.  She felt elated as well as lucky. At a writer’s conference, when she pitched the book to a well-known … Continue reading

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Excerpt From Selecting Clothing

I go to the armoire first. It is a large pine one. There are three shelves inside, and each is filled with stacks of t-shirts, undergarments, scarves, sweaters. Mostly white. My sister was a woman who often wore white. I … Continue reading

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Step Into My Garden

These days the image of the garden keeps popping up around me. First there is the Tapestry Program that I listen to on Sunday afternoons. This one examines the connection between the garden and spirituality.  “Stephen Scharper, an assistant professor … Continue reading

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He Makes Bruce Look Good

Two months ago Brenda gave Bruce his walking papers. “At least tell me why you’re breaking up with me,” Bruce asked. She handed him this list: You scratch yourself in front of me You put your feet up on my … Continue reading

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